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Lynch trial our IP69K Backsense® Object Detection System

Nov 6, 2019

Specialists of self-drive and operated plant hire, L. Lynch, are passionate about improving site safety linking well with Brigade’s aim to be the market leader of safety devices, with solutions to suit all commercial vehicles and mobile plant. With an impressive performance record and an incident and accident-free culture among their workforce, L.Lynch are committed to working closely with their supply chain and customers to be at the forefront of their industry.

To support L Lynch’s aim to put safety first, Brigade visited their site in Hemel Hempstead earlier this year fitting a site dumper with the new IP69K Programmable Backsense® Object Detection System as a trial. Having already had other similar systems which have fallen short, Lynch were interested in our latest product to increase the safety of their vehicles with an even higher performance of accuracy and durability.

After the trial was completed, Brigade received positive feedback with all driver’s and Lynch agreeing to install the system onto a number of site dumpers across the South East. It was fed back that IP69K Water and Dust Proof System performed particularly well during busier periods with hazardous surrounding distractions and noises.

Our IP69K Programmable Backsense® Object Detection System comprises of mainly a Radar Sensor, with bespoke detection areas which can be set to calibrate out fixed objects or bodywork and a 5-stage audible and visual distance warning display.

As a complete system that is entirely certified with an IP rating of 69K, it is suitable for both on and off road applications and capable of operating well through severe weather conditions resisting the effect of moisture, dust, sand, vibration, heat, cold, UV, snow, ice, high wind, water and mud. In addition to this, the system offers:


  • Suitable for open cab applications and prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Operational in extreme temperatures (-400C to +850C)
  • 3 volume levels to suit specific noise environment
  • Volume lock to prevent drivers adjusting
  • Alarm sounds up to 95Db so can be heard drivers wearing ear protection
  • Warning alarm can be picked up by other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Instant alert to driver if system is working incorrectly
  • Display uses AMPS hole pattern so can be mounted with most industry standard brackets
  • Trigger output to activate other systems e.g warning light
  • Input trigger allow system to be activated only in reverse
  • Programmable detection area can be set to suit vehicle size
  • Blind zones can be created to ignore objects within defined areas

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