SEAB Bolzano

SEAB Bolzano and Brigade Electronics: Over forty years of safety and service.

1976 saw the emergence of two seemingly unconnected businesses, who forty years later cooperated closely to improve vehicle safety for Bolzanini citizens. The first, SEAB manages public services, for example waste removal, in Bolzanini, Italy. The second, Brigade Electronics, is a leader in vehicle safety systems whose mission is to prevent collisions and save lives.

SEAB adopts the most innovative solutions to carry out tasks efficiently and safely. As a recognition of their high environmental and safety standards, SEAB has obtained the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 voluntary certifications. All their efforts such as the installation of solar panels on roofs, the use of recycled paper only, a state-of-the-art lighting system and the replacement of waste collection vehicles with new generation vehicles have significantly reduced their impact on the environment.

SEAB’s new waste collection vehicles have been fitted with Brigade’s Backeye®360 Select, an intelligent camera monitor system which provides the driver with a 360° view of the vehicle, which is particularly useful for maneuvering in busy urban areas. The Backeye®360 system simultaneously stitches together images from four cameras with 187° lenses to create a birds-eye-view of the vehicle in real time, eliminating blind spots. Intelligent software, flattens the wide-angle images, instantly eliminating fisheye distortion and balances the different brightness of the various images, combining them in a single image on the in-cab monitor.

The system has been tested on 5 vehicles and has received praise by the vehicle operators who can now carry out their work in greater safety and with peace of mind.

The benefits of using Backeye®360 prompted SEAB to install another of Brigade’s systems, the bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing alarm. The alarm uses directional broadband sound making the alarm the safest reversing alarm in the world due to its instantly locatable sound. The alarm is triggered when reverse gear is engaged making a ‘shh shh’ sound which is only audible in the danger zone, reducing noise pollution for local residents.

In addition to Backeye®360 Select and bbs-tek®, SEAB is considering the use of other Brigade Electronics devices to further increase the efficiency and safety of their vehicles.