Wren Kitchens Fit Fleet With Brigade

Wren Kitchens epitomize customer centricity. Our visit to Wren saw the entirety of the business working towards one mutual goal of bringing the perfect experience to every customer. The detail behind safeguarding its customers products are second to none, supported by processes that ensure every item is handled carefully and monitored at every step of its journey. Wren’s 150 strong delivery fleet is at the centre of the operation, linking manufacturing facilities with happy customers across the UK, playing a large part in upholding high standards of customer satisfaction and health and safety. However, it has not always been an easy task; significant challenges facing the Transport Management team and their drivers have not always been easy to navigate.

Like many fleets across the industry, Wren found bogus insurance claims to be far too common an occurrence, tying up transport management in lengthy paperwork, taking them away from day to day tasks. The time spent dealing with these claims or being unsuccessful in refuting them can be drastic both financially and operationally for any business. A further challenge came in understanding where issues with damaged products stem from. For Wren, damages and losses resulted in losing as much as half a million pounds per year. Ultimately, the sacrifice to current customers experience for an unjust cause could no longer stand.

After engaging with one of Brigade’s competitors and experiencing a poor service, Wren turned to Brigade to provide a solution. We were delighted to support them in their mission to improve health and safety standards as well as help Wren strive for higher levels of customer service across their fleet. Camera Monitoring Systems coupled with Brigade’s BRIDGE 4G Cloud Service meant Wren’s products could be monitored throughout a driver’s journey. After certain events, such as an accident or sudden braking, a notification is sent to the Transport Manager who can immediately review the footage captured from the seven cameras mounted inside and outside the vehicle. Not only does this provide irrefutable evidence in the case of an accident but will also show how and why a product was damaged. This data is then used for improving packing, driver training, product handling and driver protection.

“We are extremely satisfied with the work Brigade have done for us. The BRIDGE system is easy to use and the fact it’s an instant live feed means we don’t even have to access the vehicle to review any footage. If a customer has a problem at delivery, we can review the footage and solve any issues pretty much instantly. A great system, I’d highly recommended fitting Brigade.”

Lee Halls, Transport Manager, Wren Kitchens.

Find out more about how Brigade support Wren Kitchens in the video above.

Wren’s bespoke offerings need to be handled with the utmost care especially when making the final journey to a customer. Any delays would impact their customers experience as well as invite significant overheads effecting Wren’s bottom line.